Oh this is a great bad idea to kill time at an airport. 10/10 deleting this because looking at pictures of myself makes me cold sweat.
  1. Nbd. Hiding in a sweater in Ireland. This is my natural state.
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  2. Peak happiness, holding a real wolf at a wolf sanctuary.
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  3. Peak drunk mess, lying on a real tiger shot by the great great grandfather of my friends [terrible] [ex] boyfriend. He was sleeping and apparently we weren't *supposed* to take out and play with the [awful/cruel] family heirloom.
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  4. Zooming back in time, me at an animal sanctuary in the Poconos. Not a huge fan of birds.
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  5. Kids lemme tell about 2006. Mistakes were made.
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  6. Aaahhhh mohawk and a tiny scarf go away
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  7. Now I'm just doing this to feel bad about myself
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  8. This is from a website called IndieErotica and now I want to die
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  9. I was real cute when I won tickets to see Home Alone 2 tho
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