1. When your internet crashes and you get the dreaded Google dinosaur no-connection page - hit the space bar!
    You're welcome.
  2. "Have a little compassion for yourself."
    One of the many gems of supportive wisdom from the great Daphne Nancy Seale
  3. "Leave the lump of cold hard butter sit on the hot toast for a second before trying to spread it."
    So obvious. So life-changing.
  4. "Never use your favorite song as an alarm."
    Cassie's "Me & You" still fills me with sadness, anger and exhaustion.
  5. "If you're in a clothes shop changing room and begin 'talking yourself into' the item you tried on: Do. Not. Buy. It."
    In fact, this extends to all areas of life - you shouldn't have to talk yourself into anything truly important. Listen to that gut. She knows.
  6. If you keep noticing something fragile on the floor and think 'I should really pick that up before I step on it,' PICK IT UP NOW, RIGHT THIS SECOND.
  7. "Just because you don't need your friends at the moment, doesn't mean they don't need you."
  8. "Vulnerability is not weakness."
  9. "If you find it hard to commit to a relationship because you're stressed out by the idea of having to 'make space' in your life for a romantic partner, then don't think of it as making space - rather, think of it as them expanding the space so you can both fit."
  10. "Exfoliate!"