1. Why did I decide to go running?
  2. What a terrible idea.
  3. Can I stop now?
  4. Who will notice?
  5. That girl has a GREAT running outfit.
  6. Maybe if I had cute running outfits instead of these ungodly rags, I might be a marathon runner by now.
  7. Ugh. Marathon runners. They're the worst.
  8. Did that woman on the subway yesterday have a tone with me when she said 'excuse me'?
  9. The subway is the worst.
  10. Maybe I should start running to work!
  11. I mean the subway's not THAT bad. Real New Yorkers take the subway.
  12. Oh 20 minutes have gone by! 20 minutes is an acceptable amount of time to be running.
  13. I can totally say "I went for a run today," after 20 minutes!
  14. How long do other people run for?
  15. Whatever, I'm a free spirit. I don't do what others do. I'm done with this run.
  16. Gosh, running is great.