1. Hugs are so important.
    Oxytocin levels rise when you hug someone. That's science. You literally reduce anxiety, stress and even blood pressure when hugging.
  2. A hug must be done right.
    If you want that oxytocin rise, then, for the love of God, go all in! Be genuine, be generous and be confident. An insecure hug is a sad thing.
  3. People who "don't do hugs" are doing them wrong.
    Awkwardly arching your back? Sticking your elbows out? Sharply patting the recipient's back before retreating hurriedly and apologetically? No wonder you don't like hugs. That is the most uncomfortable shit ever.
  4. Hugs are good for society.
    A well-hugged child turns into a happier adult.
  5. Hugs are a great way of lifting someone up.
    Both figuratively and literally. Is there anything better than the airport arrivals hug-and-lift-you-off-your-feet greeting? There is not.
  6. Hugs are a great way of letting someone down.
    They go for the kiss and you're not feeling it? Hug it out. It becomes immediately clear where your feelings are at but you've also just given them an uplifting oxytocin let-down.
  7. Side-hugs are the shadiest fucking things ever.
    What. Is. That!?