5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

These 5 pics came up randomly.
  1. 1) The front of your phone telling jokes, source: The Chive
    Great social commentary on kids being total posers these days. In the 90's we were cool and refused to smile. Now kids smile "accidentally" or for no reason or fake laugh for a pic. Ridic...
  2. 2> Rock & Science Shirt. source: Facebook
    99% of shirts being sold on FB are total garbage nobody should buy. This is the rare shirt that's simply awesome! Sadly the site selling it seemed pretty shady so I had to pass.
  3. 3} Proposed FB buttons. Source: FB
    This pic got 1 button right, the "love" button, which is probably the one non-joke in the graphic. Still, pretty impressive...
  4. 4] Meme. Source: FB
    Give that chest a rest. Decombust that bust before it combusts. Hakuna your Tatas. So many new ways to tell people to take a chill pill which has not aged well.
  5. 5\ Selfie. Source: my phone's front camera.
    Selfies are so damn strange. They are not new, not better than pictures taken from a distance but they are all the craze. I don't get it, but I'm old now so I guess the generation gap is kicking in. Anyway, "self-service, extreme close-up" pictures are here and not going away.