The association with misery just runs too deep...
  1. Yogurt
    Especially greek yogurt.
  2. Breakfast bars
    I can't even look at the package
  3. Plain baked potatoes
    Boring but definitely got me through the worst days. Not completely banned - bring on the toppings!
  4. Plain grilled chicken
    Unless it's served with my BFF's yummy nachos (⬆️⬆️⬆️) don't worry chicken - you can safely cross my road
  5. Scrambled eggs
    You served me well, but enough's enough.
  6. Applesauce
    This one's sacrifice pains me. It was a last minute entry to help get the chicken down. And now its been forever tainted.
  7. Buh-bye grey sweater. You stress me out.
  8. The hideous emergency pajamas that I had to purchase right before surgery.
  9. And one item I hope survives. Besides me.
    The sight of the chemo bag makes me nauseous. But it's such a handy bag.