It's a time honored tradition to approach the New Year with a list of resolutions for self-development; equally time-honored is forgetting them by Jan 15. Instead, consider reflection as a more meaningful New Year's tradition. Here's 3 questions. Create some space & solitude to reflect and in doing so, perhaps recognize your drivers & your purpose
  1. At the end of the day, do I find myself feeling satisfied and/or excited?
    We are wired to glean joy and contentment from doing satisfying work. Your days that produce excitement and satisfaction should far outweigh the days that produce boredom and emptiness. This is called being in the state of flow. To better understand this, don't reflect on what you do, reflect instead on how you feel.
  2. What keeps showing up in my life?
    It is not at all unusual for certain roles and activities to keep coming our way - what do others consistently seek you out for? What kind of activities get assigned to you? What do you keep volunteering for? Look at a few things that you truly love doing and find the common thread -- and your purpose will be woven with that thread.
  3. Am I using my gifts in service to others?
    Service to others is not only the bedrock of success in the marketplace, it is also the foundation of a meaningful life. I have a friend who owns his own business. When he gets a call for a job, he sets out to do one thing first: solve the client's problem. Not set a price. Not determine profit. He rolls up his sleeves and starts solving the problem. For the decade-+ that I've known him, I've watched his business thrive, even in economic downturns, because his clients know they come first.