I don't care how old you are or where you are in your career cycle. You have the ability to mentor someone. And here's what you'll GET while you're GIVING.
  1. It makes you a better leader
    As a mentor, you learn the delicate balancing act of keeping an open mind, asking pertinent questions, and remaining objective. Plus, when you teach someone, you truly become a master on that subject. You not only reinforce valuable leadership lessons, but you also question and refine your own thinking and approaches.
  2. It will keep you current
    You've been through and mastered much, but a new generation is coming behind you. Simply asking your protege to select your meeting place will likely open your eyes to a new experience. My protégés are valuable sources of inspiration and information to a world I would otherwise not necessarily access. Their fresh perspective and infectious enthusiasm is energizing and enlightening.
  3. What goes around comes around
    There will come a time when the student surpasses the teacher. As I transition into consulting, those to whom I've given my time and talent are remembering the favor and bringing me into their organizations.