Call it natural charm or learned networking skills, either way - charismatic leadership has impact.
  1. Express your feelings.
    Charismatic people tend to genuinely and spontaneously express what they feel. This causes "emotional contagion" - people naturally pick up their expressions, vocalizations and eventually the emotions transfer to the people with whom they are speaking.
  2. Use words people can relate to.
    If people constantly feel as if they have to reach for a dictionary to keep up, they tune out and distance themselves. There is a reason that the most popular presidential candidates of the 2016 cycle speak at a 4th - 6th grade reading level.
  3. Mirror the other person
    Psychologists have found that when two people are getting along, they start to mirror each other’s bodies as a sign of trust and safety. The other person crosses his legs, so do you. You take a sip of water, so does the other person. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.