None of the names in question are particularly easy to pronounce. Why couldn't a Smith have entered my life?
  1. I was married to my first husband for 18 years and his name is the one I'm known by in professional circles.
    It feels weird keeping my first husband's name even though it makes the most sense. My second husband says he doesn't care.
  2. I remarried last year and haven't had time to change my name legally because we moved out of the country almost immediately.
    He's truly my BFF but to go with another husband's name feels like carpetbagging. I've started using his name for personal stuff, like The List and here in Honduras I've developed a nickname, Mavi, based on the first 2 letters of my first name and first 2 letters of his last name
  3. I'd go back to my maiden name except I learned a few years ago that I was actually the product of an affair, so my maiden name isn't an option I want to consider.
    My "father" died when I was 3 so it's not as if I had a particular connection with him or the name. Now when I see it, it just makes me angry that a 49 year lie was perpetrated against me.
  4. I'd start using my actual father's name but I'm not interested in telling a private story every. single. time.
    Besides, as miffed as I am at my mother and sister for withholding this information, I'm not particularly interested in outing an almost 90-year-old woman.
  5. Or I could join the ranks of Cher, Madonna, and Adele and be a one-name wonder.