My Top Honduras Pics

Honduras has a bad rep of being laden with gangs and drugs. It certainly is a problem in the major cities. Also, Honduras is more than Roatan. The mainland is beautiful. After 18 months here, I feel it is my duty to show you the other side of Honduras.
  1. This is what silence looks like
  2. Tourism Training Center
    Casa Hotel Celaque, part of Abundant Life Christian Schools. Hospitality management training for HS students.
  3. Local teachers participating in the annual Fiesta Tipica
  4. Pre-surgery, pre-chemo. Me with all my parts.
  5. Like a Bird on the Wire...
  6. The (English) Spelling Bee Champs!
  7. San Merced, Gracias, Lempira
  8. Still managed to watch Opening Day
  9. Just another shopping trip to town.
  10. No Photoshop. Your average morning in Santa Lucia
  11. Mmm. Comida tipica. ¡Muy sabrosa!
  12. The canopy at La Campa
    OSHA? What's OSHA?
  13. Street Art in Gracias
  14. My favorite sangria stop
  15. First outing after final chemo
  16. Sunday afternoon in Valle de Angeles
  17. Rush hour in Villa Verde
  18. Cooking chapter
  19. Heading to the hot springs for some well deserved R&R
  20. Follow the Amarilla Brick Carretera.
    The class play.
  21. My Little Loves
  22. Thank you, Honduras. You'll always have a piece of my heart.