Santa Lucia, Honduras is a beautiful little town just outside of the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Come take a walk with me!
  1. The view from the driveway
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  2. Road construction!
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  3. The local church, every town has at least one
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  4. And the Nativity, waiting for the guest of honor
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  5. This way to the Center for Art, Education, and Culture
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  6. The view from the road
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  7. Lakeside stroll
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  8. Jardín guardería
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  9. Law & order
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  10. Boating, anyone?
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  11. City Hall
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  12. Cafe del Pueblo - mmmm
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  13. Fresh fruit and baked goods
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  14. The local catering house
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  15. Down to the family "farm"
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  16. Fresh eggs every morning
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  17. And fresh fish from the SEE-ment pond
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  18. What's outside your front door?