The Mothership has many great qualities. Bedside manner and empathy are not on the list.
  1. Round 1
    Good morning. So sorry I did not get in touch yesterday It has been an exhausting week. I'm ok but had to drop some of the things I usually do. Too pooped to pop. I think I'm getting old. Hope today will slow down a bit. What you are doing?
  2. Round 2
    Went to Dr O (*her chiropractor) this morning and he fixed my knee. It kept trying to go out of place. He said to come back if it happens again. He sure has magic hands. My back has been good and so is my neck it is only stuff but no pain. About shortness of breath at times, he said have the pacemaker checked.
  3. Round 3
    I am cold in the house and I have the heat on and several layers of clothes. It's going down in the 40 tonight and says we will have frost
  4. Round 4
    I'm bored to death. Can only do so much and then I start aching. It's hard on me because I'm not used to do things slowly.
  5. Round 5
    How many more days? I lose track. Everything quiet here. I am surely getting a fill of football. Great news on new tv. They put in the hdtv today. Now when David gets time he will try to install Apple TV. I'm anxious
  6. Round 6
    So happy this is the last one. This has been so hard on me. You too I know, but you're not a mother. You wouldn't understand.