The prologue to the story is here: HOW I KNEW MY HUSBAND WAS THE "ONE"
  1. Despite being an experienced traveler, I was dumb enough to have my purse stolen in the first hours of arriving in Dublin
    And in said purse was my wallet, ID, and wait for it... Both my and my then-boyfriend's passports.
  2. We filed a police report and went back to our hotel
  3. Where we drank copious amounts of alcohol, as one does
  4. The next morning we said goodbye to our group as they went off on the next leg of our trip and with massive hangovers we crawled to the US Embassy
    I can't remember why we didn't have mobiles, so we just planned on catching a train to the next hotel when all was sorted.
  5. As we stood on line in pouring rain, a guard came out and asked if we were Americans
  6. (I hate being recognized as an American when I'm abroad. What gave me away? There was no white clunky sneakers or God Bless the USA T shirt! I was dressed in all black for heaven's sake! My boyfriend couldn't stop laughing at my dilemma. Be recognized as such and skip the line or suffer in the rain.)
  7. *Begins humming "and I'm proud to be an American ..."
  8. As the guard is bringing us in he asks, "you have your photos, right?"
  9. Did I mention it was raining?
  10. And that we were severely hungover?
  11. He directed us to a shop that would take our picture.
  12. Oh look, it's not open yet. Let's wait. In the rain.
  13. Let's just say, Nick Nolte has nothing on these photos.
  14. We go back to the Embassy, hum a few bars of "America the Beautiful," and start filling out paperwork.
  15. My only form of ID is a stained business card. Luckily I have my passport number memorized.
  16. Several hours and $300 each we are at the window with the nice lady whose finger is poised above the keyboard, about to nullify our passports and issue emergency temporaries.
  17. When the phone rings.
  18. She stops what she is doing to answer the phone.
  19. And we are blessed that she can't multitask.
  20. Because it is the police calling.
  21. They have my purse. With everything but the cash, which was minimal.
  22. But how did they know where to find us?
  23. They called the hotel
  24. The hotel called the bus company that took our group
  25. The bus company called the driver
  26. The driver called the police with our last known location
  27. We were refunded our $600 and we walked to the police station. The sun had come out and our hangovers were dissipating.
  28. We went to the train station, purchased a picnic lunch - with splits of champagne - and spent a lovely afternoon playing cards while watching the Irish countryside roll by.
  29. When we caught up with our group they were thoroughly jealous that we had had such a lovely afternoon.
  30. PS the passport pictures that were never used are locked in a safe deposit box. We considered using them as engagement photos but thought better of it.