I've been in Honduras for 18 months teaching high school. Next month I return home.
  1. Take the longest shower ever.
    There is so much dust here and so little water. I will be a wrinkled mess for a week.
  2. See my beloved Nationals!
    A night at the ballpark... It soothes my soul.
  3. Ribeyes and burgers and wine, oh my!
    The food here is excellent as long as you're not a red meat, red wine fan.
  4. Wear clothes that require dry cleaning.
    I am leaving most of my clothes here. My shirts are cotton but my work uniform is not. I never want to see polyblends again.
  5. And shoes that don't need to withstand being hosed down.
    Did I mention the dust?
  6. Not mentally rehearse every conversation I want to have to make sure I know the Spanish vocabulary.
    Hello, English, my old friend (although my limited vocabulary has forced me to be succinct)
  7. Enjoy live entertainment
    My little village has culture, but Kennedy Center... here I come!
  8. I loved being here, but as Dorothy said...