1. I will not be categorized by this disease. There will be no pink ribbons.
    No disrespect intended; just not my jam
  2. I am going to eat everything I want whenever I want it.
    And that will not include yogurt.
  3. I am going to get out of this fucking bedroom and use my passport.
    I once was on track to visit 100 countries. Time to get moving.
  4. I am going to find a decent trainer and get my body back.
    Fuck you lymphedema.
  5. I am going to drink wine with bubbles ... Champagne, Prosecco, Cava
  6. I am going to live without implants because I am not subjecting my body to any more mutilation.
  7. I am going to my goddaughter's wedding wearing the dress I bought for the occasion, even if I have to rebuild the whole damn thing to make up for my missing boobs
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  8. I will not be scared. I will not be tired. I will not be overwhelmed.
  9. I will live with grit. I will live with grace.