I had a double mastectomy last September and assumed that after chemo was complete I would opt for reconstruction. Not so.
  1. My breasts, while adorable - may they rest in peace - were always quite small so going "sans boobies" is not much of a shift
    And luckily my husband is a "brain man" 🤓
  2. My body deserves kindness
    It has been through the wringer. I can't imagine voluntarily subjecting it to any more trauma
  3. I can still feel the pain of having surgical drains removed
    Seriously. It was unbelievable. I am pretty stoic but I think my scream is still echoing in the doctor's corridor.
  4. I've had enough of being in recovery mode
    It's time to get back to whatever normal is
  5. I'm sharing this because it seems to be an automatic assumption that reconstruction will be part of the process
  6. I think "living flat" should be discussed more
    Personally I'm not all that interested in breast forms or special bras. I live in a hot environment - I don't want to have all that gear on me. Give me a soft tank top and I'll be just fine.