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Not all of us have DVR's— some of us still gotta suffer through — plus I am too cheap to pay extra for Hulu to be add free (so I gotta suffer through)
  1. 1) Microsoft— I don't care if you do have Cortana, or whatever her name is— and a touch screen— you are not going to make me switch from MAC, so quit trying to be better— I will give you a few props for the Windows 10 adds because that baby with the pink hat was uber cute!
  2. 2) Anything add that mentions your "constipation", "belly blockage" "bloody or black stools" —- and even attempts to use a disgusting little pink coiled mascot to sell stuff to make you shit better! Just stop!
  3. 3) The anal retentive Tide Pods bitch. Whenever she says "Don't Touch My Things"—- I want that other chick to punch her in the nose, then smear her blood all over her perfectly clean house!
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Just stuff I love! Series, docs, movies, etc. No particular order....
  1. Friday Night Lights
  2. Happy Valley
  3. Grace & Frankie
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  1. Schome Ones Here!
  2. Where the Farmer?
  3. Hoi! Enjoy! Moi Moi!
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  1. Kardashians and any & all mention/worship of them
    Just make it stop!!!
  2. Kendra Wilkin What's her stupid name!
    Why is she famous?
  3. The E Channel News—- I want pop culture news— not gushing over the aforementioned abominations—-
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  1. Grizzly Adams
  2. Dean Martin Celebrity Roast
  3. Little House on the Prairie
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  1. Watch what you eat before a show—- ALWAYS
  2. When in doubt, a good butt shot will make even the most lame audience come alive !
  3. If a show does not have the letters C B or L in it, I cannot seem to book it..... I am type cast!
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  1. Swim for the Cure
  2. Millsy Berry Bromance
  3. Jerry's Prince Tribute
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