Just stuff I love! Series, docs, movies, etc. No particular order....
  1. Friday Night Lights
  2. Happy Valley
  3. Grace & Frankie
  4. Parenthood
  5. The Champions (will make you detest Michael Vick even more, if that's possible)
  6. Dogs With Jobs
  7. New Girl (I admit I am a fan)
  8. Gilmore Girls (see above)
  9. Tangerine
  10. Viscous (on DVD, but worth the tedious wait of using the mail)
  11. Episodes (Matt LeBlanc is brilliant, you may not believe it, but it's true)
  12. Nurse Jackie
  13. Making A Murderer
  14. I Know That Voice
  15. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  16. Bojack Horseman
  17. Freaks & Geeks
  18. The League
  19. Chelsea Does....
  20. Master of None
  21. Love
  22. Last Tango in Halifax
  23. Orange is the New Black
  24. Electric Bugaloo
  25. Iris (both doc & Judi Dench film)
  26. Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  27. Search for General Tso