30 Years of intellectually stunning nomenclature!
  1. Schome Ones Here!
  2. Where the Farmer?
  3. Hoi! Enjoy! Moi Moi!
  4. Weeee-oneeee
  5. The Wonderful Horrible Tickle
  6. Everrrrrryone in Row K!!!!
  7. Do like Oprah!
  8. Bring her back her 💜 to me!
  9. Oooooo! Ahhhhh! Sha lo ha!
  10. Four sleeces of meeeesecake
  11. Wedding Bun!
  12. Opie GET Out!!!!
  13. In Theatre one—— Beethoven! In theatre 2— Debbie Does Dallas!
  14. Mini Tours—- (fill in the blank)
  15. Ah Tell Me Dearrrrrrrrrr!
  16. Shhhhhhh! Go back to sleep! Just passing through!
  17. No BABY TALK!
  18. You suck! (Ya I'm sure he means it)
  19. Monsieur Le Bin!!!!