What the Box! is a show where I take your boxhead suggestions and make them. Below are a some previous examples. Add your idea(s) to the list!
  1. Krusty the Clown
    To kick off the new season of What the Box we went for an all-time classic Simpsons character. See how it was made http://bit.ly/1RkEQrU
  2. Hey Arnold!
    Suggested by @Moody_jr
  3. The Incredible Hulk
    Suggested by @Moody_jr
  4. Boba Fett
    This Star Wars inspired Boxhead was made for my good friend Josh at Empire Grip.
  5. Ice King & Gunter
    Introducing our biggest and smallest Boxhead characters! Adventure Time's Ice King is complete with removable crown, angry face and his penguin pal Gunter.
  6. Wolverine
    This is the Wolverine boxhead made just for WoodysProduce. This X-Men hothead is complete with three dimensional mask and pop-out hero chin.
  7. Deadpool
    This is the Deadpool boxhead made just for the Deadpool giveaway. This merc with a mouth is complete with three dimensional eye pieces.
  8. Hippo, Robot & Mawnstor
    Here is a three part boxhead collection designed in 90's Nickelodeon style for my sons room.
  9. Maui (God of Time)
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    Here is our rendition of Rolly Crump's Maui statue from the Enchanted Tiki Room (Disneyland). This Boxhead is complete with faux water, clock arms and tethered sun figure.
  10. Stripe
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    First of its kind! This is a boxhead meant to be hung on the wall (the same depth as a frameless canvas). This gremlin is complete with protruding teeth and ears, as well as removable 3D glasses.
  11. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
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    This evil yet delectable creature is complete with hat and angry face. Watch the full episode on YouTube at MawnstorFilms
  12. Donatello
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    Donnie has to be my favorite so far, just because TMNT was such a big part of my childhood. Complete with bandana detail and pizza slice.
  13. Hammerhead Shark
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    The latest boxhead is a centurion from the lost city of Atlantis. Complete with: gills, decorative headpiece, dorsal fin, 3-dimensional mouth and eyes (pupils made with Boylan Bottling Co. bottle caps).
  14. Pizza Planet Alien
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    This special boxhead was designed just for the Toy Story 20th #ToyStoryArtContest. It made it onto the Official tumblr site toystory20th.tumblr.com
  15. The Joker, Cookie Monster & Spider-man
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    What do these 3 characters have in common, you might ask? Well they all started off as fan suggestions and were made on What the Box!
  16. Hatbox Ghost & Minecraft Villager
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