Favorite Scenes From the Office

Inspired by @bjnovak and @mindy . I know this is done a lot but it's an incredible show.
  1. Michael says he's going off the grid and running away from his money issues.
    "I am running away from my responsibilities, and it feels good."
  2. Michael and Pam picking up Ryan in order to start the Michael Scott Paper Company.
    "Back to work, Shoe bitch."
  3. After Pam and Jim deliver the baby, Michael lights up a cigar in the hall of the hospital.
    "Can't smoke anywhere these days."
  4. Ryan shows Erin his photography featuring Kelly.
    "It's for a series called Exposure in the Workplace"
  5. Toby walks in Michaels office:
    "Oh hey Toby, shut the door on your way out."