1. A keychain for my keys.
  2. A keychain for my boyfriend's keys.
  3. A key cover for my boyfriend's keys.
  4. Post-It notes in a variety of sizes and styles.
  5. A "Hello Dalí" t-shirt from my former boss.
  6. A home sushi-making kit.
  7. Paper hats meant for children that I'm sure I can convince adults to wear if we're all drunk enough.
  8. A plastic tiara meant for children that I have convinced adults to wear when we were all drunk enough.
  9. An ice cube tray.
  10. Two box-cutters, one for me and one for my boyfriend.
  11. A first-aid kit for minor sports and household injuries.
  12. Band-Aids.
  13. A box of candy in a red tin that looks like a take-out container.
  14. An iPad case.
  15. An iPhone 5 case.
  16. A picture frame that features Hello Kitty using an Elmo puppet.
  17. An unopened pack of pencils.
  18. A box of thumbtacks.
  19. Duct Tape.
  20. A luggage tag.
  21. A tote bag from Harrod's.