Inspired by @Just1MoreThing
  1. New Jersey
    Born and raised
  2. New York
    Working at camp
  3. Pennsylvania
    Going to camp
  4. Connecticut
    My only memory was driving in Connecticut
  5. Vermont
    My cousins graduation from University of Vermont
  6. New Hampshire
    Visiting my moms college friends
  7. Massachusetts
    Skiing with my grandpa
  8. Florida
    Going to Disney!!!!!
  9. Georgia
    Family occasion
  10. Texas
    Went on a cruise sailing from Texas
  11. Delaware
  12. Virginia
    Visited cousins
  13. South Carolina
    Visited other cousins
  14. Michigan
    Just had a layover flight
  15. Wisconsin
    Conference for musical Jews like me! It's heaven on earth
  16. Illinois
    Met some friends and went to a weekend even for musicians