Here's why I wasn't listing for a week...I promise there's an uplifting end to this. I'm just trying to process what I went through.
  1. I went to Chelmno. There are still bone fragments on the ground.
    Death Camp Count: 1/6
  2. I was also at Auschwitz
    I almost vomited here
  3. And the most infamous Birkenau
    I also felt sick here. Death Camp Count: 2/6
  4. And Majdanek
    Death Camp Count: 3/6
  5. I saw original gas chambers
    And almost got sick
  6. There's also an original crematorium
  7. Oh yeah, and we also went to Treblinka....
    I cried here too. Death Camp Count: 4/6
  8. We saw mass graves in the forrest
  9. But we also celebrated together
  10. I learned about my family's history here in Łódź
  11. And learned about Polish culture
    And by that...I mean we ate pierogies
  12. When we got back to Israel we went straight to the kotel
    I cried tears of happiness here.
  13. The hope of 2,000 years lives on
  14. I feel immensely proud to be Jewish
  15. More so than before
  16. To be Jewish in a Jewish country is so important and we need Israel
  17. I decided to start wearing a kippa on the daily because I can. Because the Nazis didn't win. Because I can be free to be Jewish the way I want to be
  18. I still can't believe I saw what I did
  19. Thanks for letting my process this
  20. I'm interested in what anyone else thinks about this.
  21. Ok, bye bye for now.