🗃To Be Filed Under: Products not designed for Lefties

I am proudly left-handed (shout out to all my fellow lefties on li.st). And I don't like products that are biased towards the right-handed folk
  1. Spiral Notebooks
    These suckers are annoying as hell!
  2. Three-Ring Binders
    Only lefties will understand the pain of having to take papers out of their binders just to take notes from these
  3. Scissors
    These metal death-traps are not designed for lefties, unless they're lefty scissors in which case they're probably twice as expensive
  4. Ball-Point Pens
    Not to mention the smudging, but also these don't work as well for us since we're pushing the ink not pulling.
  5. Keyboards
    The number-pad is on the right hand side....hello?
  6. School desks
    Specifically these
  7. Measuring cups
    This is only a disadvantage to lefties from the United States who don't know the metric system but still!
  8. Knives
    They're often serrated on the wrong side which leads to slices of bread that aren't even or other culinary catastrophes
  9. Pencils
    The bane of my existence. I hate silver hand with all of my being
  10. Anyone else relate?