1. Fart silently and looking at the person next to you as if it were their fault
  2. Hug someone and whisper "I dreamt this is how I would meet you"
  3. Start screaming and point at someone
  4. Look to the person next to you and say "Your skin looks so nice, I can't wait to try it on"
  5. Sit down and start meditating
  6. Bring a mop with you and start making out with it
  7. Roll in on rollerblades dressed for an 80s disco party
  8. Rent a cow and milk it up to floor 7
  9. Walk in, press all the buttons, burp and leave.
  10. Stand facing the corner, and meow every 4 seconds
  11. Pick your nose and wipe on the sleeve of the person next to you
  12. Scratch your ass and moan
  13. Shave