I love this language and now that I know it pretty well, I wanted to list about the things I wish had a direct translation
  1. Etzel (אצל)
    It translates to "with" but on a personal level or also in regards to where something is.
  2. Stam (סתם)
    It means "just kidding" or when you do something for no reason
  3. Chaval Al Hazman (חבל על הזמן)
    Literally translates to "shame on the time" but is used in the sense of if you had an amazing experience and you really wish you had more time.
  4. Dafka (דווקא)
    It's something ironic or against expectations. I still haven't figured out how to use this one
  5. Yallah (יאללה)
    It's technically Arabic but used all the time by Hebrew speakers. It means "let's go" but has many contexts like "hurry up" "let's go" and can also be used as a signification that a conversation is over without being awkward.
  6. Le'echol Sratim (לאכול סרטים)
    The actually translation is "to eat movies" but is used to describe someone who attracts drama and/or makes a big deal out of nothing
  7. Neshama (נשמה)
    It means "soul" literally but is often used as a term of endearment. If someone says you're part of of their soul, it's them saying you're so integral to their life that you're part of them.
  8. Nu (נו)
    I can use this word but honestly couldn't tell you what it means.