Words that sound good.
  1. Fuzzy
  2. Swashbuckler
    There's also the verb "swashbuckle," but I've never heard anyone say it.
  3. Befuddle
  4. Discombobulate
    A synonym for "befuddle," but still a dope word.
  5. Mischievous
    I feel like a non-English speaker could tell what mischievous means just by how it sounds.
  6. Twirl
  7. Rapscallion
  8. Quadruple
  9. Rigmarole
  10. Cockamamie
  11. Flabbergasted
  12. Preposterous
  13. Serendipity
    I wasn't sure if I should put this on my list because it's kind of a cliche favorite word. Like, I'm into indie favorite words, not mainstream favorite words. But sometimes things are mainstream for a reason.
  14. Phantasmagorical
  15. Rambunctious
  16. Hodgepodge
  17. Obsequious
  18. Skedaddle
  19. Punctilious
  20. Flummoxed
  21. Dawdle
  22. Cahoots
  23. Loot
  24. Riveting
  25. Hoax
  26. Ruse