If you suggest policy proposals I may add them to my platform
  1. All restaurants must serve breakfast food all day. And stigmatizing ordering breakfast food after breakfast will be illegal.
  2. No more signing off at the end of emails. It's a hassle
    Best, Max
  3. Raisins in cookies are banned. Chocolate chips only
    Who buys raisin cookies anyway? They should make a documentary where they follow around people who eat raisin cookies because they're probably all really strange.
  4. Every year one day will randomly be chosen to be a holiday where everyone gets the day off, but you won't find out until the morning of the chosen day so it'll be a fun surprise.
  5. No more pennies
  6. Automatic doors everywhere
    Door etiquette is too fucking awkward, and automatic doors eliminate that awkwardness.
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse