Things that are trippy af

  1. The monetary system
    Money represents gold, and checks represent money. So when you receive a check it's like you're getting virtual virtual money.
  2. The human body
    You know how on Halloween everyone dresses up as skeletons cuz they're so scary. Well, guess what? There's a skeleton living *inside* you right this instant! And don't even get me started on blood...
  3. Pregnancy
    It's so trippy how a woman can literally grow a person inside of her. Fetuses are meta af. They're basically a person inside of a person.
  4. Buses
    I see them driving everywhere, but I've never seen one stop for gas.
  5. Evolution
    Like, what evolved first: bees or flowers? If it's flowers, how did they get pollinated before bees? If it's bees, what the fuck did they do all day before flowers? And what's the deal with spiders? How did they evolve? Did a webless spider just suddenly give birth to a spider that can shoot string out its ass? And how did the first spider know instinctively how to make a web? Did the knowledge of how to make a web evolve at the same time as the web itself?
  6. Butterflies
    Why can't butterflies just make baby butterflies? Why do they have to do the whole metamorphosis thing? It's so crazy. Like, it'd be one thing if a mouse metamorphosized into a rat or a cat metamorphosized into a dog—they're kinda similar animals. But a caterpillar into a butterfly? That's some 0 to 💯 shit. If caterpillars never existed and they invented a new Pokemon called Caterpillar, and it evolved into Butterfly in just one evolution, everyone would be like "the fuck??!?"
  7. Insects in general
    They're just so weird if you think about it. They're so complex but you can fit them on your fingertip.
  8. The sheer quantity of cars in the world
    Do you ever think about how many millions of cars there are. It's so weird how most people ride around in these metal bullets that can go over 100 mph, and it's not a big deal to us. How did humans ever make all those cars? Where does car material even come from? I don't even know what cars are made of, like metal or plastic or something? The amount of raw materials alone that people had do dig up from the ground to make cars must be astounding.
  9. Cars, continued
    And think about how relatively few humans are employed making cars, considering how it seems like every family in America has at least one car. Cars are way more impressive than spaceships in that way, cuz I can see how the combined will of humanity can make several spaceships, but not hundreds of millions of cars. There's probably thousands of people employed to make just one spaceship, but way less than one person employed per car.
  10. How most of Earth is under water
    They call Earth Earth, but planet Water would be a better name. Think of how many mountain ranges and stuff are under the sea and tell me that's not trippy.
  11. Snail mail
    Way more impressive than email. For less than a dollar, you can send a letter to anyone in the country—even if they live in the middle of nowhere—and it'll usually arrive in less than a week. Why does no one appreciate this?
  12. Trash cans
    You can literally place anything inside these mysterious cylinders and the next day—like magic!—it's disappeared. Trippy, man.
  13. Sesame Street
  14. Infinity Pools
    W. T. Actual F. Where does the water go? How do you not fall to your death? Is there an undertow near the edge? ❌❌❌❌
    Suggested by   @BWN_7
  15. Airplanes
    Suggested by   @ameliaville
  16. Sleeping
    We have entire rooms dedicated to lying down and being unconscious for like 8 hours. And special clothes we wear to be unconscious in. Also, DREAMS???!
    Suggested by   @zoed
  17. The electoral college
    Suggested by   @ChrisK
  18. Drinking other animal's milk (cow, goat, sheep..)
    Suggested by   @cmschoder
  19. All the tiny microorganism living on our skin
    Suggested by   @cmschoder