I recently underwent surgery to replace my anterior cruciate ligament and repair my meniscus. 6 weeks off surgery and 3 weeks into Physical therapy I've come to know all kinds of interesting characters.
  1. Executive Producer guy
    This guy is awesome. He's probably 60 and walks and talks like Joey Pants. He's the wheeler dealer type.
  2. The Doctor
    He's a joker, but he's dedicated. It's nice because doctors and therapists seem to be the least likely to take care of themselves.
  3. The MILF
    Over botoxed, Lululemon pants having, Ed hardy-Esque hat wearing. She's here a lot, but she doesn't seem to be too focused. No judgement, but she seems to have kind of wack form.
  4. Current NBA point guard
    There are no phones allowed, but still, he's forever on the phone. He's a beast though. You can see it in his eyes. His presence is helpful in keeping focused in the goal of regaining full ability to walk again.
  5. Former NBA 1st overall pick
    He's retired but getting back in game shape. Who knows maybe he'll make it back. To me he's been the most motivational person here. Having gone through what I'm going through on both of his knees, his advice feels of sage wisdom.
  6. Pro Skateboarder
    They love this guy. He's young, he's urban and he gives them mad street cred with the California kids. They are sending a trainer on the road with him to competitions.
  7. The Assistants.
    PT would be tough without this team. They do all sorts things; from cleaning up the beds to helping through stretches and workouts to getting me set up on the game ready (a bad ass ice machine) they make it happen.