Favourite Excel Shortcuts

If you've ever had to work with large data or are working with spreadsheets, then you've probably found certain tasks tedious. Here is my list of shortcuts I'm personally very fond of
  1. 6.
    Ctrl + Shift + L
    Add Filter - If you're working with big data, this bad boy is a must-have in your excel toolbox
  2. 5.
    Ctrl + F
    Find - can be used anywhere on your desktop, a classic task that is always useful when you want to save your eyes the strain of looking for content
  3. 4.
    Save As - Everyone smart worker knows the essential shortcut Ctrl + S to save your document. However, there are some people in life who take caution to whole new levels. Try mixing up your use of Ctrl + S with f12, and not only will you have a safely saved document, but you can save new documents so that older versions are always accessible.
  4. 3.
    Ctrl + PgUp / PgDn
    Switch tab - Now, we all know those crazy cats who are too deep for just one tab, this life-changing shortcut will take you there
  5. 2.
    Repeat Last Task - Ever had to perform the same function again and again...well look no further! This particularly short shortcut will save you literally seconds
  6. 1.
    Ctrl + Alt + Arrow
    Rotate Screen - My favourite shortcut of all time is none other than the common rotated screen prank! It has no useful application other than messing with your colleagues. Try and and enjoy minutes of fun