Animals That Make Me Question Our Place on the Food Chain

I use some pretty harsh language in this list but I still love all forms of life whether or not it would mercilessly take my life 😇
  1. Big cats
    I'm talking lions, cheetahs, Tigers, panthers, the list continues but my point being is these guys usually weigh over a thousand pounds and can crush a human skull with the swipe of their paw. AND they can run really freakin fast
  2. Narwhals
    Imagine this thing breaching next to your boat in the arctic circle.
  3. Baboons
    They share 91% of DNA with humans have claws sharper than a tiger's and can move stealthily through the trees in the dead of night to scoop you up
  4. Komodo dragons
    Nothing says "oh shit" like coming face to face with a giant carnivorous lizard that can climb trees and swim after you
  5. Box jellyfish
    Like to surf? Like Hawaii? Enjoy living? These formless spawns of Satan don't care! Get wrapped up by one of these lil buggers and you're dying slow and painful like
  6. Bears
    Which bear is best? Black bear. The meanest bear