All my favorites old and new
  1. Jimmy page
    A true rock icon. Riffs and licks that changed music flowed out of this guys guitar, the best to ever do it (can be said about the rest from led Zep as well)
  2. Kurt vile
    Local philly legend, exudes coolness the older brother I've always wanted. KV has put out a couple of my favorite albums ever and definitely doesn't disappoint live
  3. Ty segall
    Soon to be legendary genre renaissance man, he can change between folk and heavy distorted rock on a dime. His edgy sometimes sloppy style of playing is just the coolest. Not to mention the dude has put out 3 new albums in the past three months. He's the one that inspired me to pick up a guitar again
  4. King tuff
    I only recently started listening to King tuff but after about one week I can tell he's an instant classic from wicked drum riffs to insane guitar loving every album/song by him at the moment
  5. Frank Zappa
    Another guitar great. He paved the way for many great guitarists to come and did so in an extremely unique even disturbing at times way. He found a way to blend comedic lyrics and screaming guitar solos like no one else ever
  6. Kevin Parker
    The current king of psychedelia, the brains behind the psychedelic rock band tame impala. It blows my mind listening to their records and thinking all of this came out of his brain he's 3 for 3 on my top 25 records list (inner speaker being my favorite of all time)
  7. Jim Morrison
    Oh man, what a legend. By far one of the most far out guys in music history his Lyrics speak of mystic spaces only accessible to those who can ride the ancient snake through the picture puzzle pattern door. Always loved the doors but really started to appreciate Jim after listening to "an American prayer". If you want to go on a trip roll a doob or two and crank that start to finish
  8. John Lennon
    Was a Beatle, did acid every day.
  9. Jerry Garcia
    Almost a diety, Jerry is one of the most iconic performers of all time. Sharing the grooves and jams of the dead he created the counter culture. Whenever I'm asked who I could have a conversation with a dead celebrity I always say Jerry
  10. Bruce Dickinson
    The best, in my opinion, frontman for iron maiden. His voice perfectly encapsulates the high energy historic lyrics of iron maiden. My first ever concert was maiden and Bruce blew me away, not to mention he had a wicked head of hair