1. Spilling your drink
    I just watched you spill a full beer and not clean it up. You animal
  2. Smoking cigs in the house
    Even if they say it's cool. It's not cool
  3. Scream talking
    Just don't.
  4. Raiding the fridge
    Those grapes are NOT for you
  5. Throwing up in the sink
    People drink from there man
  6. Pulling the fire alarm
    Doesn't matter how flames the current party sound track is
  7. Touchin' butts
    Don't be a Jared Phillips
  8. Spraying the fire extinguisher
    Not unless the phrase "don't move, scumbag" precedes it
  9. Doing illicit drugs in the open
    Pretty much throwing yourself to the wolves at that point
  10. Not dancing
    For the love of God. Just get down on it