Things I Live and Die For

  1. Chip within a chip
    2 chips stuck together as one chip, a chip wrapped around another chip stacked up chips to be eaten at once, its the little things. Get with it!
  2. Seeing an extremely old and large tree
    Usually sport trunks with an impressive diameter. One look and you one "yup, this ones the grandfather of the forest"
  3. Catching someone really enjoying their book
    I mean REALLY enjoying their book, like sitting reading on the subway and watching them stifle their laughter or smiling ear to ear. Makes you wonder what's evoking such strong reaction
  4. Getting approached by an energetic puppy
    Me: "What a cute lil doge!" Doge: " yes! I am! A baby doge! Play with me!"
  5. Stank during the most critical of moments for the Flyers
  6. Drawing a sorry card when someone is about to enter their safe zone