Times I've Deceived People

Per Sarina
  1. The wrong number bandit
    For some reason or another people text my phone number by mistake and unfortunately for them I can never bring myself to tell them
  2. The organic chem major
    It can be so boring talking to someone at a party about what you're ACTUALLY doing. So instead of talking about "interests" in psychology I go the organic chemistry major route, things get out of hand pretty quickly after this
  3. Hardcore above the influence advocate
    Nothing wrong with the straight edge lifestyle but I find it particularly funny (especially when first meeting someone) to really busy their balls about drugs and alcohol, if it comes up in conversation organically of course
  4. The distant friend connection
    This one is bred out of pure social awkwardness. "Oh you go to (huge university) do you know (one random individual)?" "Ohhh yeah of course! What a rascal! But I only see them out so they probably don't even know who I am (just in case)"
  5. The late excuse
    My creativity knows no bounds when it comes to this ever reoccurring aspect of my life. 99% of the time I spin a ridiculous story that I don't expect anyone to believe but most of the time they do! But there are also times when it might take my Brian a minute to warm up and I pull a Tina belcher