1. Common courtesy is no longer common. The next person I open the door for that just walks in without a "thank you" or at least some kind of acknowledgement for the courageous act i just performed for you is going to catch a donkey punch to the back of their cranium.
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  2. D.A.R.E. was wrong. I got stoned and ate a 5 star burrito from Taco Bell that's was cooked to perfection!
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  3. The adults I thought were adults when I was a child aren't really adults. They're just older, harrier children.
  4. I read the book and yes it was actually better than the movie!
  5. I shouldn't have ditched English class. Math and science yes but English class is the only one where people realize how terrible my grammar is on a daily basis. But at least I know the difference between your and you're. 😈
  6. Driving sucks and so does traffic. Alright dad you were right! I'm so over driving all the time and any opportunity I get to make my parents drive me some where like I family party I seize the opportunity.
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  7. Too often have I come across stupid people in high places. Managers, supervisors, business owners and people who I thought were smart and wise are just as dumb as I am.
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  8. Even people I've met with bachelor and master degrees are still stupid. Unfortunately, common sense is not a course taught in college.