I've been working out of town a lot in the last year, so most of my relationships have been long distance, and I've been living alone. I've learned a lot about what happens when I am left to my own devices...
  1. My preferred outfit at all times is a silk teddy, underneath a full sweatsuit
    almost sexy but no one would ever know it
  2. I'm gonna get all witchy
    lighting those candles, positive visualization, crystals, seeing ghosts, if I am alone, it is gonna get supernatural up in here
  3. I find cooking for one tremendously boring
    can't portion for one, so I end up eating the same goddam thing for days and hating it no matter how much i loved it the first time
  4. You can take the girl out of her kitchen, but you can't take the dinner party out of the girl
    I don't care how elementary the kitchen is, I'm gonna try to make a pie in it. and I'm gonna be inviting people over and feeding them. Creating that communal table is how I make myself feel at home. Even if I haven't really been home since July.
  5. I have real big small-town fantasies
    I realize I probably wouldn't actually like to actually live in a small town (PRIVACY PLEASE) but temporarily living in one has tapped in to some primal desire I didn't know I had. Everyone knows my name at barre class here and I know theirs and it is Cheers but exercise and I LOVE IT
  6. Music you love makes a place feel like home
    My new speaker has changed my life
  7. Trashy tv is great self-care
    thank you, jane the virgin, for helping me learn this profound lesson
  8. Don't leave your vibrator in a hotel bed, cause when they change the sheets it might disappear
    ewwwwwwww why
  9. Being in nature is a great antidote for loneliness
    The big sky is your friend
  10. Missing your friends and your family and your significant other is really hard, but there is some good in it too. When your life is stripped away, you come to value it differently.
    I don't know if absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I certainly think it makes the heart more grateful.