Sometimes it doesn't take much.
  1. Physical prowess of any kind, especially dancing and sport-playing
    Maybe because I couldn't play a sport to save my life? Maybe it is my inner nerd crushing on your jock? It is inordinate how much my respect for you will increase if I see you have this.
  2. Musical ability
    It still feels like magic when someone can pick up an instrument and make music OUT OF THIN AIR. I mean seriously.
  3. That thing some actors can do where they "die" in closeup by just going really dead behind the eyes. And no other part of their face moves.
    Seriously, how do they do that?
  4. Thoughtfulness & Honesty
    These are two of the most important qualities a person can have, and I believe they belong in relationship to one another at all times. I am always impressed when someone has the balance right (I.e. maximum of both, as much as possible, without destroying the other.) Listappers tend to have this balance down, and the level of candor and vulnerability up here is really impressive.
  5. Anybody who can blow dry their own hair well
    Seriously, will you teach me?
  6. When people make a movie
    Even if it's a bad movie. Even if it's not how I would have made it, or I wish you had more female characters or WHATEVER. It is so fucking hard to make a movie, and so brave to stand up and work and push and make your project.
  7. Height
    Yup, that thing from elementary school never went away for me. If you are tall, you have won.
  8. Good listening and eye contact
    I don't know if l am actually impressed by this or if I just think it is the most necessary thing.
  9. Cooking
    If you are a good cook, I will be impressed by you. Bonus points if you also want to feed me.
  10. Mid-century furniture
    If you have real, nice mid-century furniture, I will probably want to sleep with you. Or Talented Mr. Ripley you.