I am at the airport and there is a male model (or maybe famous actor? I never recognize anybody) sitting opposite me with an ADORABLE pup. Got me thinking
  1. Netflix and chill ➡️ Netflix and chill and CUDDLE
  2. Get outdoors more
    I read some article in which these scientists said that the more trees you look at, the happier you are. Like even if you look at a picture of a tree. Dogs love trees, and want to pee on them. Ergo you will look at more trees and be happier.
  3. Your problem is meaningless
    Dogs have great perspective. If they are warm and have food and a place to pee, they are happy. If you give them a cuddle and a breeze, or a nice stick? Delirious.
  4. Halloween is better
    You can do a couples costume with your pooch. Everybody likes a dog in a costume, therefore everybody will like your costume.
  5. Make new friends
    Great way to meet other people. Cute girls will come up and pet your pooch. Your pooch will sniff other pooches's butts and then you can strike up convos with that pooch's owner, hang at the dog park, puppy playdate etc etc etc
  6. Exercise
    Dogs needa be walked, dude. So you will have to get off the couch. Turns out exercise is not only good for you, it makes you happier/nicer to be around. (➡️ more friends)
  7. Someone is always happy to see you
    This should probably be number one, let's be honest
  8. Save money on therapy
    All you really need is a puppy to love you unconditionally and lick your face, amiright?
  9. Great excuse to leave a bad party
    Oh man, I'd love to stay and see what happens when you try meth in that swimming pool but you, know, the dog. So sad to leave!
  10. You can always make yourself laugh
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    Just ask your pooch existential/political questions and wait for a response. "Spot, what are your views on ground troops in Syria?" "Fluffy, what is the value of human life?"