These were our bread and butter, and are all movies I will now watch any time. But tbh, I mostly put them on when I need to cheer myself up.
  1. Notorious
    My parents started us on Hitchcock early and often. I'm pretty sure this is a perfect film.
  2. Robin Hood
    The foxiest fox of all time. Love this movie with all its flaws. I mean... what flaws?
  3. Groundhog Day
    We watched this every year, without fail. Often more than once. The only movie where, when you rewatch it, you truly feel as if you are living it.
  4. Rebecca
    More Hitchcock. A masterpiece. My imitation of Mrs. Danvers was a total hit at home, and I was very confused when it didn't translate to the playground.
  5. A League of Their Own
    I love everything about this movie. Made me feel like I could be a major league baseball player, despite having no natural athletic ability. 💪💪💪