another list about feelings

surely another language has the specific words for these
  1. the one in the pit of your stomach when something exciting happens and you can't talk about it
    like you have swallowed a bag of pop rocks/ cartoon jumping beans and all you wanna do is call everyone you know and then run around your apartment and dance in your underwear and SCREAM WHAT HAPPENED but instead you are sitting still cause you can't tell anyone so SHHH
  2. the one where you recognize an ex-love or ex-lover from across a vast distance, just by the way they move
    and your heart drops into the pit of your stomach, and PANIC PANIC but also JOY JOY, is it, could be, will they see me, what will we say, should I hide, how much will it hurt??
  3. the one where you recognize and ex-lover from across a vast distance, just by the way they move, but then they move closer and it turns out it isn't them
    and your chest contracts and your face flushes and SHAME did I really want to seem them so badly and RELIEF thank god I don't have to come up with a hello and TINGLES and probably CRYING YOUR FACE OFF, let's be real
  4. the one about an hour after you find out someone has died, after the first big round of crying, before the reality has really sunk in
    where your chest hurts and your stomach hurts and your eyes hurt and your head hurts cause your soul hurts but also you're just so tired you wanna just sink into the ground or a soft little hole and maybe you're body is just made of stone it's so heavy and now that you're finally still, you feel like you have a hundred thoughts but really it's just one big thought
  5. the one when you crawl into the arms of someone you love while they are sleeping, and they just groggily fold you in to their sleepworld
    and the ache in your chest starts to lessen, and there's a big fiery warmth that starts to crawl through you and finally there's a modicum of peace and comfort, and you take a deep breath in