I'm working on this show that shoots in Atlanta right now so I've been going back and forth for several weeks/months. This was a particularly nice trip, and here is why:
  1. I rented a little car and IT WAS FUCKING RAD
    I've been staying outside the city, and getting around without a car was pretty impossible. With a car, though... Freedom! Independence! Trying new restaurants! Self-reporting! Listening to my own music and exploring and following my whimsy and seeing friends!
  2. I got to see my friend Ben, who I haven't seen in over a year.
    Ben played my little brother in a pilot I did a few years ago, and I still feel residual protectiveness over him. In the time since I've seen him, he's turned into this big handsome man and his career has taken off. I was so happy to see him doing so well! This is Ben wearing a stupid mask.
  3. My fellow actor @mison gave me lots of good suggestions for exploring the city, and invited me to come for dinner & meet his beautiful wife and their sweet bebe, the next time I'm in town.
    Working with such a generous and lovely actor is a real pleasure, and makes working away from "the comforts of home" that much better/easier. Also, can't wait to meet that squishy baby, he is CUTE.
  4. It was my grandma's 88th birthday and her health is pretty good after a little scare, and she is still sassy as all get-out. We had such a nice conversation this week.
    This is her last year at her condo's St. Patrick's Day party. Isn't she beautiful?
  5. A waiter came over to my table and said, "Hi! I have some freshly baked muffins for you!"
    They were carrot cake and they were DELICIOUS. This picture doesn't do them justice.
  6. I finally got the script for my next project!
    I start shooting something new/big/scary/exciting in about a week, and I still didn't have the script... so panic panic panic...until I finally got pages!!
  7. I changed my flight back and made it home in time to say Bon Voyage to my dear friend Guiselt who is moving to Berlin!
  8. Now I get to be home for OVER A WEEK!!
    I am always very happy to be working, but I have missed being home. This will the longest I have been home in a LONG LONG time and I am so excited.