i will be so happy to oblige
  1. you baked something and you want help eating it
    i'm great at helping with this
  2. you're giving away books
  3. you're giving away records
  4. you're giving away jobs
  5. you have too many puppies/kittens and no one to play with them.
    such a big problem.
  6. you found something funny online and your partner/roommate/hanger-on won't watch it again
    (i will watch it on the phone with you)
  7. you have an extra ticket to the theater
  8. you want to hear your work read aloud
    always available for this
  9. you finally read my script and you want to compliment me
    compliments only plz
  10. you are having juicy drama and you need to tell some one who will keep it a secret
    i will!