Some obvious advice for the newbies out there. I remember a similar list that maybe @sophia(?) made many weeks ago, but I couldn't find it. Much is owed to that list.
  1. First rule of ListApp is don't talk about ListApp (unless it is to someone you are inviting.)
    Now that the ListApp has opened up more, this is less true maybe? But don't talk about it on other social media channels, if you have them. :)
  2. The more you list, the better you feel.
    This is true! The more you engage, the more this feels like a real community. And the more fun it is.
  3. Don't be shy.
    It's still mostly a network of friends of friends on here - so don't be afraid to comment and suggest, whether or not you know the list-er!
  4. Write from the heart. Don't be afraid to bring your silly. Don't be afraid the bring your sad.
  5. Be nice.
    This has continued to be a very supportive community, and that is why we are all here. So, no trolling allowed. Stay nice.
  6. Read lots of lists! Like them! Re-list and save the ones you can't do without!
  7. Follow anybody you think is smart.
    I tend to follow a lot of 'movie people,' but go for your own interests. ALSO - I recommend you follow widely. You never know who's a genius lister. Here are a couple classic ❤️s, in no order: @bjnovak & @dev (these two are obvious), @Nicholas, @sophia, @zoe (her lists transcend the form, plus my sister,) @rightordoyle, @johnaugust, @mindy, @lenadunham, @maddiecalls, @miggles36, @sally, @ouizoid, @jon, @amylombard, @thebfg, @angusisley, @tothemaxxx, @molliekatzen, @AshleyCFord, @AlexandraLouise.
  8. Let it be fun! Let it be true! Let it be value added to your life.