I recently went to Vegas (I am still here) for my boyfriend's family reunion. I learned many things.
  1. The job of handing out flyers for prostitutes
    This seems like one of the worst jobs of all time. You may or may not have to wear a t-shirt that says "Orgasm Clinic." (That is the only possible upside, and seems like not an upside.)
  2. The job of being a cigar and cigarette girl.
    Apparently this job is no longer just for women in movies from the '40s.
  3. The job of being a wedding Elvis.
    This seems like one of the best jobs ever. You are an Elvis, you sing, you officiate 20+ weddings a day. Everybody loves each other.
  4. The job of finding drunk people and making sure they receive medical attention
    This seems like a noble job, but deeply unsatisfying. Really had no idea this was a real job.
  5. The job of being a flamingo at The Flamingo
    Don't think you get paid. You are just a flamingo.