Requested by @jon
Ok, so here's some more of what I really REALLY eat (sorry I forgot about this list @jon!)
  1. Fistful of peanut butter to the face
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    Can't be beat. A spoon is good for this, but not required. Also, good to just take some dark chocolate and use that as a "spoon."
  2. Delivery from a restaurant within four blocks of your apartment
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    I have found that delivery is even more satisfying if the restaurant is way too close to justifiably make them deliver. I routinely order from the place that Is literally across the street from my building.
  3. Cucumber "salad"
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    Slice up a cuke and put some balsamic on it. Maybe add some pepper if you are feeling ambitious.
  4. Roasted pumpkin seeds
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    This shit is addictive.
  5. Hunk of cheese straight outta the fridge
    Maybe put some sriracha on it? Maybe put it on a cracker? (Mary's gone crackers perhaps?) Maybe just eat it plain for the beautiful thing that it is.
  6. Frozen turkey meatballs
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    Okay, these don't actually start out frozen, you have to make them. My friend convinced me to make a double batch last time I made them because ground turkey was on sale, and we have had a shitton of them in the fridge ever since. Turns out my friend was right. You should make these and keep them in the freezer, they are perfect for lazy snack/dinner/brekkie. Recipe is from the smitten kitchen cookbook. I will list it 4 u if you want. For the record, mine never look that good but they are TASTY.
  7. "Healthy" fruit snacks
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    No comment. (Full serving of fruit?!?)
  8. Pecans and maple syrup
    Take a handful of pecans and put them on a plate. Pour a lil puddle of maple syrup on the plate too. Dip pecans in maple syrup. Messy, but so good. Also, you can sauté pecans or walnuts with some maple syrup, they become "candied" very quickly and you will be happy.
  9. Nectarines!
    Stone fruit just showed up at my corner vegetable store, I COULD NOT be more excited. (Also, I feel like the corner vegetable store is something that only exists in ny, and why is that??)
  10. Edamame
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    Such an easy snack! Trader Joe's sells it pre-shelled which is rad. Eat this soon after you open it though, because it spoils quickly.
  11. "Raspberry" panda licorice
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    Pretty sure this has negative nutritional value, but it reminds me of being a kid in the best way
  12. Bread and sauce
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    For when you're really desperate. Just heat up some tomato sauce and make toast. Voila! Not gluten-free.
  13. This fucking crack
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