Requested by @jon
Thank you @jon for asking me to make a list about my favorite subject. Sorry it took me forever, I like to snack too much.
  1. Cheesy toast
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    My longtime person is an excellent snack maker, and this is his specialty. Whether you have soft cheese or are melting the cheese on top of the toasts, the thing I have learned from him is to liven it up with whatever you have on hand (Fresh herbs! Tomatoes! Extra salt and pepper! Sriracha! Olives!) - this does not actually add much time and makes a big difference. Rice crackers are also excellent when given this treatment, if you are gluten-adverse.
  2. Nuts!
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    I am a total convert. Nuts are good for you, and keep you satisfied longer because they've got protein and fat. (The good kind!) I get hungry about every 2 hours, (and very swiftly hangry after that) so I always have a ziplock with some walnuts, pecans, almonds, etc. in there. Usually I put in some golden raisins and dried cherries for good measure. In other words, I always act like I am on a hike.
  3. Freeze-dried raspberries
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    These are delicious! They are pretty low cal snack, sweet, & good for you. According to my acupuncturist, dark berries "build your blood," so they've got that going for them too.
  4. Pretzels
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    I love pretzels, and always have. Especially hard pretzels. When I was a kid, my dad kept a box of (very stale) Snyder's of Hanover pretzels at his office for me. I remember him writing, as I very happily munched away under the desk.
  5. Boom Chicka Pop popcorn
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    This is my go-to snack to bring to a casual gathering (poker night, friend time movie hang, etc), because it is fucking delicious, and I will eat the whole bag if I have it in my house. The caramel cheddar is THE BOMB. Also, weirdly great with beer.
  6. Green smoothie
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    Put 1 banana, a splash of soymilk, a spoonful of peanut butter, some strawberries if you got em, and a shitton of pre-washed spinach in a nutribullet/blender. Blend. Add ice and blend more. // Alternately, put 1 banana, some orange juice, and a shitton of spinach in a blender with ice. Blend.
  7. Chia bars
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    I love these things. They are remarkably satisfying. The coconut flavor is great, as is chocolate peanut butter (obviously not pictured because I ate them all.)
  8. Banana with peanut butter/ apple with almond butter
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    Let the power of this snack not be denied! It will make you feel like a kid digging into your after school jam.
  9. Cooked berries
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    Said acupuncturist turned me on to this, and it took me a long time to try it.. So glad I did! I've even served this with ice cream at a dinner party. Basically, take equal parts organic, frozen (or fresh if it's summer) blueberries, raspberries and blackberries and cook them (in microwave or on stovetop) until they are hot. They will be a little soupy as well. Put in a bowl, eat. Marvel.
  10. Avocado toast
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  11. Chia seed pudding
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    A girlfriend made this up, and it's delicious. Take 1 very ripe mango (2 champagne) or a bunch of strawberries. Cut up and toss with 1 Tb apple cider vinegar. Purée this with 1/2 avocado. Add 1-2 c yogurt (sheep's milk if you're me) and blend. Taste and add agave/honey if needed. Stir in 2Tb or more chia seeds (I go for more like 1/4 or 1/3 cup.) Chill for 2 hrs or overnight.
  12. Gummy vitamins
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    I know these should not be a snack. But... The Smarty Pants gummy vitamins are delicious. And, if you are (not so) secretly a child, like me, convincing yourself that your vitamins are a snack may be the only way to get yourself to take them.
  13. Baked sweet potato
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    I feel like this list has just gotten to the point where I am showcasing my weird eating habits now, and I'm going to stop. But I do love a baked yam. I get hungry when writing, pop one in foil in the oven, go back to work and by the time I remember I'm hungry, it is ready to eat. Dream snack. Also, look at this amazing photo of a sweet potato and how much it looks like "something by Georgia O'Keefe."